Monday, 29 August 2011

Talk About It: Jay Ru (Artiste) by Art Guiness

Itz me again people!! No sleeping ontop bicycle (see rhymes) But serzly, im excited coz the artiste we talkin about haz one of my best songz...
U guessed right!!
" forming for me, 
no forming for me.
All the girlz them dey call me honey,
I don spend my money.."
These are the Wizkid delivered lines off the bridge of Familiarity, the latest song by Jay Ru.
Jay Ru is a rapper, came into our consciousness in 2009 with the single "Big Boi Anthem", telling us that it waz not his fault that he waz a Big Boi
and all that. The video, shot in the ancient city of Ibadan, was nominated for the 2009 Channel O Video awardz. With all this hype, Jay Ru deemed it fit to take a two year break from the industry, coming back with the Wizkid featured and Samklef produced hit "Familiarity". THAT IS ALL THE INTRO WE NEED TO JAY RU.
Proz and Conz:
Jay Ru is not my favourite artiste, but he managed to pull it off with Familiarity.(though Wiz killed him on the song) and I wouldnt say age is on his side, considering the fact that most artistes are very young. He'z also not a very strong lyricist (something he urgently needs to work on) but he has a good voice going for him (and going for him BIG TYME!). Unfortunately, itz a case of the man with the cap not having a head...
Best Video, Channel O music awards»Nominee...
Last Wordz: Jay Ru did not give me much to talk on. He has not yet made his mark, even with two commercially acclaimed singles. But I believe that will change. 
And im prepared to wait for that change. And im prepared to wait long.
Yourz in Greatness, 

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