Sunday, 26 June 2011

Control - Kid Blaize ft DHESir and Tomi Thomas

Kid blaize is a young rap artiste who is doing well for himself.. You might not have heard a lot about him.. But he is something to watch out for...

He features DHESir and Tomi Thomas of L.O.S whose song was featured on this site..... This song is a Haze Beats production.....



Monday, 20 June 2011

Talk About It: Super C Season (Album) by Naeto C. (By ArtGuiness)

Is it a bird or a plane/no its super C and the levels don change..."
The levels changed truly on Super C Season, the second studio album of Naeto C, the "only MC with an MSc"..
The album, released on "love weekend" 2011, contains 17 world class songz, which have the ability to stand on their own. Production on the album was handled by TY Mix, Dokta Frabz, Terry G, Sarz and Sossick.
The album lived up to expectations and although the hype was little and not deserving for an artiste of his caliber,the album entered into my books (and a lot of other people) as one of the best Nigerian Rap Albums ever.

The album was a show of braggadocio (naeto has bragging rights anyway), with songz like True ft. Omawunmi, C me finish, Ako mi ti Poju, Carry ur shoulder, Gidi lo mine, 10/10 etc., spiced up with some good love flavour evident in Duro, Afuru'm gi n'anya, 5&6 and Ex-Girlfriend. It also has thoughtful pieces like Share my blessings ft. Asa and Voodoo which are guaranteed to cause reflections andeven force a tear out of very emotional people. The album showed real versatility, seeing naeto go in on almost every kind of instrumental and covering almost every topic. With super C season, Naeto C raised the bar for Nigerian MCs and showed people what an album should sound like.

Naeto showed maturity in the use of his lyrics, deciding not to follow the current trend of indiscriminately dropping punchlines (or punchlies as i would like to call some) but nailed d coffins with them instead
A sleeping lion does not lose any of his strength, in the same vein, the fact that an MC doesnt drop punchlines like Wizzy in 6'7' doesnt make him lyrically weak. Hope Nigerians learn from this...

Naeto C stuck to his trademark liad back flow, speedin up on a few tracks (Skimpololo, 5&6 etc), makin the album a rider's delight and an ideal companion on a flight. If u are a big fan of TuPac'z rap style, u prolly shouldnt listen to Naeto.

Production: The bulk of production was handled by TY Mix
and supported by Sarz, Sossick, Dokta Frabz, Terry G, etc. The beats were on point and suitable for the occassion, as well as suited to Naeto'z flow. I particularly love the electric guitars added to the DaGrin version of Ako Mi Ti Poju, and the acoustic guitars on Voodoo(big ups to Sarz). Omawunmi'z vocals on True were truly soothing and melodious, helpin you appreciate the song more. I cant point a finger on the production. Nobody can.

The Rest Of It: The album pictures were nice, iLiked the dedication page, like his signature...bla bla bla. He kept the album cover simple, sticking to the 'less is better' principle. I also like the fact that he did not make much noise like most of his colleagues, but he let the album speak for itself.

Best Song: C me finish
Best Instrumental: Ako Mi Ti Poju (nice use of guitars), Voodoo.
Song with Best Content: Share My Blessings
Best Vocals: True (Omawunmi tho)
On repeat: 10/10.
Last Words: Naeto is one of our biggest Musical Exportz. Great Album, few things to quarel with, though Naeto should work on his Igbo, u almost cant recognise it. He definately changed the weather with this one.
Album rating: 88%
Best Line: "who are u to prescribe without being a doctor?"
Thumbs Up: A soothing and impeccable delivery.
Hand fallerz: A poor command of the Igbo Language.

Yours Truly,
Art Guiness

Saturday, 18 June 2011

MonoGamy (by ArtGuiness)

Hi folkz! The title of my post today is Monotony..sorry Monogamy. Since most musicians claim to be 'married to the game', i guess its an appropriate title. U know what i mean...
Unfortunately, these musicians get married to only one genre of music, making most Nigerian artistes plain and predictable.
Of course, you gotta stay true to the game, but music heads will not crucify u if you sing RnB instead of Afro-Pop for a change. At least I won't...
Dear Young Naija Artiste, all i am saying is...i would not like to purchase an album or download a mixtape of a 'singer' and hear songs like 'Where the party dey' from beginning to end. If the world was filled with only black women, making a choice wouldnt be that much fun. In the same vein, If you are very predictable, it wont be difficult to sideline you. Think about it.
I remain...yours truly...

Art Guiness

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

WORLD PREMIERE: Wata BumBum - Tony Totch

Tony Totch is an artiste signed to Canbit music..... His track 'mumu button' was on YG9jamusic early this year... Tony totch is a 400level student and is planning on doing big this year...

His song wat'a bum bum is his 3rd official single and it was produced by Dtunes..........



Saturday, 11 June 2011

WORLD PREMIERE: Magic - L.O.S ft Shank

L.O.S is a group of four young artiste; YungKillinWTF, Bridge, Bliss and Tomi... They Met in High School.. These guys have released a couple of songs like 'Taking Over Me', 'Boyz are Not Smiling' and so on....

This song 'Magic' is their first Official single featuring Shank who is one of the big names in the Nigerian music industry.....



Wednesday, 8 June 2011

I Get It In - Trikka Treat

Young rapper Trikka Treat is a member of the Constellation group... This group has a couple of artiste that will be soon be featured on YG9jaMusic. Trikka Treat has a lot in his bag which he will be sharing soon.....

I am sure you think this is a sample of Omarion's hit track.... No it isn't.... Actually it was produced by 'Heavily Built' of Constellation..... I hope you enjoy it...


Monday, 6 June 2011

Landed - Yung Machello

Yung machello is a young (by his name) rapper who is trying to make a name for himself very soon... He isn't really the best u'll hear but sure he ll grow into something wonderful ...

This song was done on a beat of 'Adey', he tries to tell us he is here, I hope u guys listen well......


Download >>>

Sunday, 5 June 2011

I'm Me...

There'z a drop of greatness in every man (dnt knw about the women), so says the popular guinness 'UDEME' advert. This day, I, Art Guiness present myself to you as a new contributor to the Nigerian online music family. I am a young and inspired individual that aims to bring good music to ur doorsteps (or eyes as is the case here) without fear or favour. I aim to add flavour to this blog and hopefully inspire young people to reach for their musical dreamz.
On a final note, i am who I am. Im Me.

Art Guiness....

Underrated - Kilt Kranik ft Strings

Young artistes in Nigeria should not be UNDERRATED any more, they are the future and from what I see, the future is now.
Kilt Kranik is a young and unsigned rapper who is currently working on a debut mixtape INNOVATION(The Birth Of The Sun)...

This song 'Underrated' is a song (by the name of the track) just telling the world the talent on earth is not finished and the one who are about to shine should not be covered up.... It features 'Strings' on the hook.


Download >>>