Saturday, 18 June 2011

MonoGamy (by ArtGuiness)

Hi folkz! The title of my post today is Monotony..sorry Monogamy. Since most musicians claim to be 'married to the game', i guess its an appropriate title. U know what i mean...
Unfortunately, these musicians get married to only one genre of music, making most Nigerian artistes plain and predictable.
Of course, you gotta stay true to the game, but music heads will not crucify u if you sing RnB instead of Afro-Pop for a change. At least I won't...
Dear Young Naija Artiste, all i am saying is...i would not like to purchase an album or download a mixtape of a 'singer' and hear songs like 'Where the party dey' from beginning to end. If the world was filled with only black women, making a choice wouldnt be that much fun. In the same vein, If you are very predictable, it wont be difficult to sideline you. Think about it.
I remain...yours truly...

Art Guiness

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