Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Evolution In Nigerian Music

Scientists have made us know that the way man is now, took series of stages before becoming getting to the state of being human. They also believe that one day man will still evolve to become a higher animal.
To me, this is just a mere hypothesis. I believe God created Adam and Eve as the first human creatures in the Garden of Eden.
I believe this "myth" of evolution actually happened, but not in the way the scientist put it. Look at yourself today and look at your Grandfathers picture and see if there is any difference in what you see. I guess your answer will be YES. You cannot compare 50 years ago to 60 years ago. In between those few ten years, there has been an evolution in every single aspect of the world. Fashion, lifestyle, technology, education, MUSIC etc
During the years, TV has changed to coloured from black and white, the Afro hairstyle has reduced to a lower hairstyle ETC.
The World is not static, the world is ever changing. Every thing is changing and I want to be particular about the change in music.
Before I begin, I want to know if you will like to listen to King Sunny Ade rapping or MI singing Afrojuju.. ,,,,,,,...... No way... To the OLD SKoOL people, pls don't say our music is fake and doesn't make sense because it is different from your style. I am sure when you where 20, you would never think of dressing like your parents when they were 20.... That's just the way its is, things will never be the same......

Life Evolves,
Music Evolves.......

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